40 reportable parameters, 19 research parameters, 4 scattergrams (3D), 7 scattergrams (2D), 3 histograms;
SF Cube Cell Analysis Technology (flow cytometry combined with laser scatter and fluorescence) and Focusing Flow-DC method;
Autoloader capacity of 100 sample tubes with random & continuous loading;
Throughput up to 125 samples per hour (CBC+DIFF);
Maximum sample consumption of 200 μl in autoloader mode;
Body fluid analysis in manual mode (cerebrospinal fluid and serous fluids -peritoneal and pleural);
Data storage capacity of 100,000 patient results including all numeric and graphical information;
Ability to flag abnormal cells based on customizable decision rules;
Re-exam rules to pull out abnormal samples for further checking;
Supports bi-directional LIS connection with communication protocols HL7 or ASTM;
No daily maintenance.

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