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Utilizing our experienced and professionally certified project managers, we work with our clients to plan and manage both projects and programs from start to finish, delivering them in a more cost effective manner while not sacrificing quality.

Zenrox provides transformation-focused services to our clients.


We are readily available to help make your dream come into reality.

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Project Management

Before purchase, we can advise on biomedical engineering requirements including power considerations, patient and process flow design, equipment specifications, budget planning and much more

Our team will work with you to ensure that your facility is uniquely designed to optimize process flow.

Our team utilizes a systematic and methodical process aligned to the design and construction phases of your facility.

At zenrox, we provide custom-made solutions according to the radiation shielding needs in your facility with noteworthy and aesthetic finishing

At zenrox, we assist our clients in accordance with international standards and contemporary design parameters, in space planning based on clinical and non-clinical space allocation, process flow and patient flow

Site Preparation and Medical Equipment Pre-installation Services

We are continually dedicated to help clients meet the pre-installation requirements for highly complex medical equipment by supporting the processes of design, planning & monitoring in healthcare facility construction.

With all hands on deck, our hospital architects  project managers are involved in the process of hospital facility designs, ensuring international standards are met to deliver exceptional patient experience.

We work with international partners to support our clients to decide finishing alternatives most suitable for their healthcare facilities.

Medical Equipment
For your Practice

Zenrox Healthcare is a accredited supplier of all range of medical equipment in Nigeria. Our products range from Laboratory equipment to radiology and every arm of medical practice.

◎    Assured product availability
◎    Prompt delivery and installation
◎    Wide range of local inventory
◎    Competitive pricing
◎    Payment options

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