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BioSystems Iron
Olympus CX31
BioSystems Immunology
Olympus BX63
Ichroma II Analyzer
Mindray BC-5300 Auto Hematology Analyzer
M-52LH Lyse(EN/100mL?4)
BioSystems Liver Function
Mindray CL – 2000i Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System
VITROS ECiQ / Eci Immunoassay System
VITROS 5600 Integrated System
Bx53 Multi-Observer
Mindray Semi Auto Coagulation Analyzer C2000-4
Mindray MW-12A Microplate Washer
VITROS 4600/5.1 FS Chemistry System
BioSystems Stereo Zoom Scopes
M-18D Diluent(20L/tank)
M-18P Probe Cleanser(17ml*12bottle/box)

Hemodialysis & Chemotherapy Chair – Electric

Abbott Ab (IgG/IgM) – Covid-19 Kits (WHO / NCDC Approved) by 25 test kits

Abbott Ag – Covid-19 Kits (WHO / NCDC Approved) by 25 tests kits

SD Biosensor Ab (IgG/IgM) – Covid-19 Kits (WHO / NCDC Approved) by 25 kits

SD Biosensor Ag – Covid-19 Kits (WHO / NCDC Approved) by 25 kits

PRIMA T Digitizer – Complete Set with Printer – Xray Only

Mindray Umec 10 Patient Monitor

WATO EX-20 Anesthesia Machine


Mindray BC 5000 Hematology Analyzer

Aeonmed Electric Operating Table OP850

WATO EX-35 anaesthesia machine

Hospitals, specialist clinics as well as many medical practices have their own internal laboratories where they can perform various diagnostic tests depending on the type and field of application of the laboratory.

For many years, the company has been specialising in the needs of medical laboratories and laboratory facilities, supplying medical practices as well as hospitals with internal labs. We offer a wide range of products related to laboratory supplies for medicine - from bottles and containers for reagents and chemicals to microscopes and high-quality blood analysis equipment. In addition to laboratory supplies and accessories, you will also find laboratory furniture in our online shop, such as swivel stools or laboratory refrigerators.

Medical Equipment for Your Lab
Modern medical diagnostics would be impossible to imagine without laboratory equipment such as tabletop centrifuges or various lab analysis devices. These devices enable fast and precise determination of the examination parameters directly on site, which means that the patient's therapy can be started promptly.

In our online shop you will find suitable diagnostic instruments for various laboratory parameters, such as blood sugar meters, urine analysis devices or blood analysis devices for cardiovascular diagnostics. Most devices are compactly designed and can be used to determine several parameters, which increases the reliability of the results and the range of diagnostic options.

Clinical Tests for Diagnostics
In addition to diagnostics using analytical equipment, medical tests performed without technical equipment can also be used in the laboratory. These independent tests allow for a particularly space-saving analysis and simple test implementation.

Choose from a wide range of different test strips - from urine strips and stool tests to detect occult blood or determine glucose or protein, to drug tests or rapid tests to detect pathogens. The tests enable reliable point-of-care diagnostics and save valuable time in initiating therapy. Additional tests include blood glucose test strips for use with common blood glucose meters and lancing devices for obtaining blood from the fingertip.

Consumables for the Clinical Laboratory
Due to the handling of potentially infectious substances, disposable products are often used in the medical laboratory. These are usually made of plastic, as this is particularly light and the risk of breakage is low. At Zenrox you will find reagents, various disposable plastic consumables, such as Eppendorf tubes, sample containers or ointment cups. We also stock sturdy disposable glassware, such as dropper bottles and medicine bottles. Of course, you will also find the matching disposable lancets here.

We are constantly updating our assortment of lab equipment and are striving to constantly present you with the newest and most interesting laboratory products with the best quality. You need a specific item, but have not been able to find it in our assortment? Simply contact our customer service - we can also supply many products on special demand.

Why Choose

We maintain a wide range of in-house stocks at our premises to ensure that our customers incur non lead

We represent several globally respected companies and brands

Our products are competitively priced, giving you value for your money

We carry our four quarterly warranty services within the warranty period to ensure good functionality and operation of the equipment.

We train our clients on best practices in the use of the equipment to avoid user error, ensure safety and durability of the equipment.

Our staff are well trained to give you accurate information and advice about the products that we supply