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SECA-869 Flat scale with cable remote display
Seca 703 Column Scale, With Measuring Rod, Seca 220
Benevision N12 Patient Monitor
Calcaneal Locking Plate (VI
HXC 258 Refrigerator
Resuscitator IR 300
FONA Dental Chairs-2000L
Seca 334 Baby Scales, Electronoic ( 20kg x 5g <10kg> 10g )
Trauma_Interlocking Nail Systems Retrograde Femoral Interlocking Nail
Double Lumen Curved
Eden c3/c6 video colposcope
3EW-55 Oil -free air compressor
Durable INS41-110 VIENNA
Semi-Dry Suction Unit
Calcaneus Locking Plates(V)
Seca 769

Buy Affordable Hospital Equipment

Basic hospital equipment serve various purposes in the surgery, hospital or operating theatre. One differentiates between diagnostic devices like stethoscopes, tools for resuscitation like laryngoscopes and surgical instruments like disposable scalpels and scalpel blades.

All of the surgical equipment available in our shop is quality crafted and conceived for professional application in surgeries, hospitals and other medical facilities.

You can buy diverse medical instruments from name brands and manufacturers, such as Karlstorz, Davids, GE, Comens, Siemens, Mindray etc at affordable prices.

Instruments for All Branches of Human Medicine
We supply you with high-quality instruments for diverse medical disciplines like surgery, ENT, gynaecology, neurology or general medicine. Our assortment contains trocars, diverse medical forceps, clamps, surgical scalpels, scalpel handle like the No, 3 scalpel Handle, scissors and tweezers, as well as atraumatic retractors, cast breakers, splinter forceps, artery clamps and many more stainless steel tools. Depending on the discipline and which suitable equipment is required, we supply a wide selection of surgical instruments in numerous variations.

Instrument Kits and Suture Kits
Instrument kits and suture kits consisting of disposable instruments offer economic benefits and convenience, thanks to their fast availability. These contain the most common items, such as forceps, clamps, needle holders and scissors as well as wound care products. Depending on the discipline or area of application, the instrument kits will differ in their individual composition. In our online shop, you will find a comprehensive range of instrument kits for various disciplines of human medicine including gynaecological, urological and surgical kits. We also have the compatible single-use products to compliment our kits, such as suture needles, suture, needle-thread combinations and other products for minimally invasive procedures like minor incisions.

Surgical Instruments and Surgical Supplies
In the Surgical Supplies category, we offer you a wide range of equipment for surgical care of patients. In addition to surgical drapes, secretion aspirators, cryotherapy instruments and disposable razors, you will also find additional devices for optimal pre-operative and post-operative patient care as well as surgical procedures.

For optimal wound care, surgical procedures and routine examinations, we offer you high-quality surgical instruments like Adson dissecting forceps, Metzenbaum scissors, Mathieu needle holders and equipment for use in any clinical, dental or veterinary setting. Whether you need sterile instruments and instrument kits or reusable surgical tools, you are guaranteed to find the suitable surgical instruments that meet your requirements.

Why Choose

We maintain a wide range of in-house stocks at our premises to ensure that our customers incur non lead

We represent several globally respected companies and brands

Our products are competitively priced, giving you value for your money

We carry our four quarterly warranty services within the warranty period to ensure good functionality and operation of the equipment.

We train our clients on best practices in the use of the equipment to avoid user error, ensure safety and durability of the equipment.

Our staff are well trained to give you accurate information and advice about the products that we supply