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Stainless Steel Delivery Bed with Dtep & IV Stand
Classic C300
Step stools
Stainless Steel Trolley For Waste
Emergency Trolley ( Epoxy One )
Five Function Electric Bed, Linak Motor with battery & CPR with IV pole with secure Castors
Semi Fowler bed with epoxy Head/Foot board with 125mm Dia castor
Examination Couch
IV Stand A (stainless steel chassis )
Stainless Steel Contaminent Tub Trolley ( 12Ltrs )
ABS Hospital Bedside Cabinet Without caster
Nurse Stool Detachable with Back
Three function manual bed with ABS headboards A-5
IV Poles Stainless Steel
Obstetrics Manual Delivery Bed HF-DB 150
Stainless Steel Contaminent Tub Trolley ( 20Ltrs )
Medicine Trolley (1/2) With Anaesthesia Cupboard Frame (2/2)
Examination Tables HF-ET150 Stainless Steel

Buy your Medical Furniture, Here!

Our online shop supplies you with a wide range of high-quality medical equipment for various disciplines and medical specialists at fantastic prices. We offer exam chairs, ECG tables, standard exam couches, waiting room furniture, file cabinets and a multitude of multipurpose as well as device trolleys for all types of spaces. In order to further facilitate your search for the proper medical furniture, we have broken down the medical furniture category into specialised subcategories.

Furnish your Hospital with Tables, Beds & Seating Options
Here, you will find examination tables, hospital beds and gynaecology chairs for your medical facility. All furniture that serves patient exams, treatments and bedside care can be found in this category. The category also includes stretchers for emergency services, as well as beds with side rails and a compatible overbed table for use in the ward, home healthcare and in the hospital.

Facility Renovation
There are multiple aspects that should be considered before designing your clinic or renovating your clinical spaces. For one, the surgery should be furnished in such a way as to allow for easy and barrier-free movement for everyday activities e.g. ECG exams, blood drawing or dressing changes. Second, current hygiene standards must also be met. The furnishings should be easy to clean and, best case scenario, disinfect. Therefore, medical furniture and other large portions of the facility are usually made with non-sensitive, anti-microbial, disinfectant-tolerant materials, such as synthetic leather, stainless steel or special plastics.

Are you looking to renovate your surgery and need the proper furniture? In this category, we offer you a great selection of high-quality and affordable medical furniture. Regardless whether you need waiting room chairs, exam tables, file cabinets or instrument tables, our online shop offers the proper hospital furniture to meet every need.

We are constantly updating our assortment of  equipment list and are striving to constantly present you with the newest and most interesting products with the best quality. You need a specific item, but have not been able to find it in our assortment? Simply contact our customer service - we can also supply many products on special demand.

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We carry our four quarterly warranty services within the warranty period to ensure good functionality and operation of the equipment.

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