Clinical Training

At Zenrox, we understand that continued learning is the key to improving clinical competency, therefore, as part of our unique customer experience, we are devoted to delivering unparalleled, personalized education, training, and management solutions.

Our comprehensive applications training covers an extensive scope across clinical practices. These clinical areas are IVD, Endoscopy & Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS), Critical and Intensive Care, Operating Theatres, Central Sterilization and Storage Department (CSSD) and Radiology.

Need Special

We have an experienced and dedicated team of application specialists available for group or one-on-one training.


Our basic application training provides the client with the basic knowledge of the equipment’s functionalities. As a result, our clients have first-hand documentation of equipment applications and proficiency in equipment handling.

Our seasoned Clinical Applications Trainers collaborate with our franchise partners to facilitate the delivery of advanced clinical training, instructor demonstrations and hands-on sessions to trainees.

Participants learn patient-machine-user interactions, how to incorporate both simple and advanced medical technologies into their everyday practice, patient evaluation and other skill sets, depending on the clinical training focus.

We bring together allied healthcare specialists to discuss and critique the current management of patients and also collectively make recommendations through a communique within the shortest possible time frame.

Medical Equipment
For your Practice

Zenrox Healthcare is a accredited supplier of all range of medical equipment in Nigeria. Our products range from Laboratory equipment to radiology and every arm of medical practice.

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