More Precise

  • With new integrated innovative functions, the new WATO Pro Series enables you to precisely control the system as well as different types of patient easily.
  • A digital gas mixer with low flow Optimizer makes gas delivery precise and safe low flow possible

More Visible 

  • With a 15.1 inch high resolution display, intuitive touch user interface, the WATO EX-65 Pro/55 Pro makes anesthesia process more visible.
  • Visualizing the System Self-test procedure and smart alarm management with graphs and charts to simplify complicated operation steps

More Cost Effective

  • As a multifunctional anesthesia workstation, WATO Pro Series is designed with cost in mind.
  • Lower flow becomes possible with Optimizer, which helps reducing the usage of anesthetic agent. The much longer life span flow sensors makes the maintenance much easier.

Precise digital gas mixer with safe low flow by Optimizer

  • The digital gas mixer makes fresh gas flow setting easier and more precise.
  • The fresh gas flow Optimizer indicates the recommended fresh gas flow setting against your current setting value and the minimum O2 needed of the patient.
  • It enables a safe low flow and minimize the waste of anesthetic agents and medical gases

Precise Monitoring

  • With improved single slot CO2 module or double slot anesthetic agent capability the Mindray Plug-and-Play Multi-Gas modules provide comprehensive breath-by-breath analysis of FiO2 , EtO2 , CO2 , N2 O, auto-detection of five anesthetic agents, as well as BIS.
  • AA Measurement: The new anesthetic agent calculation software enables you to monitor the real time agent consumption and keeps cost in mind.
  • Sample Gas return: The monitoring sample gas returns to breathing circuit, it saves the cost for medical gas and anesthetic agent as well as reducing the waste gas.

15.1 inch Touch Screen with Intuitive UIConfigured with a high resolution, intuitive, 15.1 inch full color touch-screen users are able to view and configure parameters as required. The intuitive layout and simple flat-menu structure ensure all parameters are clearly displayed and only two steps required for ventilation mode setting.
Visual Self-testVisualizing the System Self-test procedure with graphs and charts to simplify complicated operation steps.

  • Automatic self-test
  • Manual leak test with graphic instruction step by step
  • Recommended solution for failed step by words and by picture

Smart AlarmThe Smart Alarm providing the real-time graphic information enables urgently correction of the fatal error more quickly.

  • Touchable alarm
  • More alarm information: access to alarm log
  • Alarm limit setting directly from the alarm message
  • Picture indication for potential issues

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