• The main unit includes a Ventilator, mechanical low meters, breathing circuit with 1 CO2 absorber,1 drawer, 1 lithium battery (90 min) and pipeline pressure gauges.
  • Has a color LCD screen size of 7 inch
  • Volume controlled ventilation with a tidal volume of 40 – 1500 ml
  • Classical low meters for O2, N2 and Air
  • Support up to 2 vaporizer positions (ACGO) that allow you to use 3rd party semi-open circuits
  • Backup batteries support up to 150 min continuous work
  • Intelligent alarm management, e.g. permanent, silent volume/apnea
  • Besides Volume, there is VCV, which can be assisted in-patient once the operation has ended.
  • Has an electronically controlled, pneumatically driven ventilator.
  • Breathing circuit fully autoclavable at 134 c and nature latex free
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble all the components of the breathing circuit hence making it convenient for cleaning and maintenance purposes



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