Disposable Medical Plain Red Cap PET Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

Draw Volume: 1ml~10ml
Dimension: 13*75mm, 13*100mm, 16*100mm
Tube Material: Glass/PET/PP
Cap Color: Red
Packing: 100PCS/tray 1200PCS/carton
Carton Size: 51*36*183, 51*36*233, 580*390*233
Test items: Biochemical serum test and immunity test

The collection of blood samples for biochemistry and immunology medical examination, it has a wide range of operating temperature.
The tube’s inner wall after special treatment, extremely smooth.blood samples after entering the tube with its full contact with high quality coagulant which evenly dispersed on the inner wall of on the inner wall of the tubes.
It can completely solidified in 5-8 minutes, and obtained high quality serum by centrifugation, solved blood coagulation and fibrin precipitation problems, meet the rapid outpatient, emergency serum biochemical test.
Blood clots completely contraction within 20-25 minutes, speed centrifugal to 3500-4000 rpm, centrifugal time is 5 minutes, it is recommended storage temperature 25 degrees.


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