uCT 780
Precision and Speed

With the persistent pursuit of precision and efficiency for imaging and diagnosis, uCT 780 is equipped with the Z-Detector to allow low dose data acquisition with fine details.

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High Precision for Imaging Chain

Precision in data generation, data acquisition and image reconstruction.

70kV Scan Mode
70kV scans enhance the contrast in contrast CT scans, which makes better visualization for small lesions, lesions lack of blood supply and CTV imaging. Imaging with 70kV can reduce patient radiation dose with the downside of increased image noise. The unique Z-Detector is immune to the problem and the image quality for 70kV scans is maintained.
uDose Intelligent Dose Modulation
To minimize unnecessary radiation, uDose intelligent dose modulation generates optimized dose distribution plan according to varying body shapes, sizes and X-ray attenuations. uDose modulates radiation both in
X-Y and Z planes for optimized patient care.
0.5mm Thickness Images in All FOVs and Collimations
With the refined thin images, small tumors can be detected more readily than before.
1024×1024* High-definition Reconstruction Matrix
The high-resolution reconstruction matrix augments spatial resolution and reveals anatomic details, such as IAC, small joints, and high-resolution lung imaging.
MAC* (Metal Artifact Correction)
MAC reduces metal artifacts to improve image quality while preserving surrounding structures to assist diagnosis for patients with metal implants such as artificial limb or prostheses.
0.3s Rotation Speed*
Fundamentally improve the temporal resolution for cardiac imaging.
100kW Max Generator Power*
Clearly visualize challenging patient anatomy.
Fast and Predictive Applications
0-click post-processing to make diagnosis convenient.