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Along with the ultra-low noise Z-Detector, the powerful imaging chain and the advanced software platform, uCT 550 enables high resolution images, low radiation dose, high efficiency in operation and boosted daily patient throughput capability.

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The ultra-low noise detector fundamentally improves the image quality.

Innovative Imaging Chain

uCT 550 enables comprehensive and advanced clinical applications, assists precise clinical diagnosis and helps establish and expand your CT business efficiently.

Enhanced Clinical Performance

uCT 550 provides streamlined workflow and extends the capability of routine clinical practices with high patient throughput.

Powerful Hardware Platform
The combination of detector, large heat capacity tube, rotation speed and table speed results in rapid scanning capabilities, with exceptional image quality.
Easy-Logic Intelligent Prediction Platform
Minimizes the wait time between operation procedures and accelerates CT exam workflow.

Comprehensive Applications

uCT 550 provides multiple advanced post-processing applications for high efficiency and improved diagnostic confidence.

Lung Nodule
A complete clinical solution including automatic detection, segmentation and measurement.
Lung Density Analysis
Automatic segmentation, analysis of pulmonary lobes and bronchi.
Colon Analysis
Automatic segmentation of colorectum and electronic cleansing; virtual colonoscopy for a direct and efficient lesion measurement.
Sectional view, panoramic view and nerve lines marking to diagnose dental diseases.

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