uCT 520

Insight. Encouraged.

The intuitive and intelligent workflow boosts efficiency and effectiveness of routine practices. Along with the unique Z-Detector, reliable components and multiple integrated advanced applications, uCT 520 brings customers more access to advanced technologies.

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Efficient Workflow

Intelligent and automated operations for personalized care.

Single-click Bone Removal
Employs different algorithms that are tailored to different applications such as carotid CTA, body CTA and virtual DSA.
Single-click Rib Extraction
Automatically segments the ribs and displays them separately or with the associated anatomy allowing efficient diagnosis of rib fractures.

Innovative Z-Detector

The ultra-low noise detector fundamentally improves the image quality.

Imaging with care

Comprehensive dose control and monitor technologies to deliver optimized dose plans.

KARL 3D Iterative Denoising
The algorithm is performed in both the projection and image spaces to reduce dose while preserving image quality.
70kV Scan Mode
70kV Dose reduction can increase SNR for Iodine-based contrast agents especially for small BMI or younger patients.
uDose 3D Dose Modulation
Based on anatomic structure information, it generates optimized 3D dose distribution plan.

Outstanding Financial Performance

Reducing total cost of ownership for operation.

Advanced Applications

Lung Nodule Analysis*
A complete clinical solution including marking, segmentation and measurement assistance.
Lung Density Analysis*
Automatic lung extraction and contour editing with pulmonary density and volume measurement.
CT Colonoscopy*
Automatic segmentation of colorectum and electronic cleansing; virtual colonoscopy for a direct and efficient lesion measurement.
Dental Analysis*
Panoramic curve plotting, nerve line marking and sectional view analysis to diagnose dental diseases.

* is optional.