The SonoScape E2 is a portable ultrasound doppler machine system that adopts various ultrasound technologies. The advanced ultrasound machine covers a wide range of applications, making the machine one of the most valuable devices for portable appplictaion on the market.

For your convenience,  the Sonoscape E2 has a large range of transducer selections. Although it is a low end portable system, the Sonoscape E2’s doppler performance is of good quality and provides acceptable sensitivity and resolution.

Inlcuded probes:

3C-A Convex Array Transducer

6V1 Endo-Cavity Probe


  • Portable ultrasound doppler machine system
  • Adopts various ultrasound technologies
  • Covers a wide range of applications
  • Large range of transducer selections
  • Good quality performance
  • Provides acceptable sensitivity and resolution


  • 15.6” LCD color monitor with auto-adaptive LED backlight
  • (2) Two transducer connectors
  • USB 2.0 / HDD 500GB
  • Imaging modes:
  • B/ 2B/ 4B/ M, Dynamic Multi-beam Technology, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Pure Inversion, Harmonic Imaging, Tissue Specification Imaging, Spatial Compound Imaging, Widescan Trapezoid Imaging
  • μ-Scan: 2D speckle reduction technology, TEI Index, DICOM 3.0: Store, Send, Auto: Auto optimization for B/M/PW
  • TGC: Time gain compensation, Zoom, Standby Mode, 2D Steer, PW Doppler, PW Auto Trace, Duplex, Triplex
  • LGC: Lateral Gain Compensation, Convex Extended Imaging, Vis-Needle, B Mode Prospective Saving 2D Panoramic Imaging, B/C Dual Live
  • Warranty: 2 Year Depot Warranty, 1 year warranty on the battery

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