Terminal units are available for oxygen, nitrous oxide, 50% oxygen /50% nitrous oxide mixture, medical air, surgical air, medical vacuum and AGSS.

Mounting options include surface, lush, bedhead and pendant. Test plugs are included with lush, surface and bedhead types for first ix pressure testing on site.

Designed to meet the requirements of

HTM 02-01 Medical Gas Pipeline Systems.
BS EN 7396-1 Pipelines for Compressed Medical Gases and Vacuum.
BS EN 7396-2 Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Disposal Systems.
BS EN 9170-1 Terminal Units for use with Compressed Medical Gases and Vacuum.
BS EN 9170-2 Terminal Units for Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems.
C11 NHS Model Engineering Specificaation Medical Gases.
BS 5682 Specificaatio for Probes (quick connectors) for Medical Gases.
BS 6834 Acti e Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems.
Medical Device Directi e 93/42/EEC (ϬϬϴϲ)
BS EN 15908 Non-in terchange able Screw Threaded (NIST) Low-pressure Connectors for Medical Gases.

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