Maximum Capacity : 24×1.5/2 ml 24xcapillary tubes
Maximum Speed : 14,000 rpm 12,000 rpm
Maximum RCF : 18,188xg 14,811xg
Programmable microprocessor control system.
Digital displays for time and speed / RCF (xg).
1 – 99 minutes timer with hold position.
Epoxy-polyester powder coated steel chamber.
Pulse key.
Quiet, direct drive, brushless induction motor.
Motor over heating protection.
Ventilation system for minimum temperature increase in the chamber.
Lid lock.
Choice of 24×1.5/2 ml Angle Rotor and 24x capillarytube Haematocrit Rotor.
Adaptors for 500/800 μl, 200 μl PCR, 250/400/700 μl.

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