The AirSep Focus is a super light weight, portable oxygen concentrator offering a pulse dose setting of 2 to cover the most commonly prescribed setting. Early stage COPD oxygen users can enjoy active lifestyles with this small and durable device.
Patients love the AirSep Focus because:
The AirSep Focus is small and light, weighing in at only
1.75  lbs.making  it  easy  and  discrete  to  carry.  The AirSep Focus is quiet operation allowing you to not be distracted by a constanthum.
The AirSep Focus operates with rechargeable batteries with a life up to 3 hours to maximize your time on the go. Works on AC power supply, and DC automotive power supply so you can take your portable oxygen concentrator anywhere and charge it.
No user maintenance or intake filter to clean, giving you peace of mind.
Simplest operation with one button to press and no flow to adjust, so it’s really easy to use!

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