Fine careTM FIA Meter Plus is a fluorescence immunochromatographic analysing system which can help diagnose conditions such as infection,diabetes,cardiovascular diseases,renal injury and cancers,etc. The Fine careTM platform provides reliable and quantitative results of various kinds of analytes in human blood or urine within several minutes.


Fincare Plus is applied in the  Laboratory,ER,Cardiology,ICU,Respiratory,Pediatrics, etc.

Why Choose Finecare PLus?

it is capable of Extra quick operating mode for large number of specimens, Powerful information management(Direct connection to LIS / HIS)Convenient and fast, Get results in 3-15 minutes, Unique quick mode, Designed sampler, Information management Reliable accuracy Instant result Room temperature storage Specially-designed sampler for small volume of specimen Good correlation with wet chemistry method results Solid synthetic craft,can be stored at room temperature(4-30°C)

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Fluorescence Immunochromatographic Analysing System Finecare FIA Meter Plus (FS-113) portable chemistry analyzer

Finecare™ FIA Meter Plus which is developed, designed, manufactured and sold by Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Co., Ltd., Finecare™ FIA Meter Plus is a compact, portable fluorescent instrument used for quantitative determination of concentrations of various analytes in human blood or urine.

The Finecare ™ FIA Meter Plus and the items that come with it are provided in a single box.The test devices are packaged separately and include instructions for running specific tests.After open the box, please check to ensure that the contents listed below are included.



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