Complete Range of LEDs (340-405,505,535,560,600,635,670nm)
Durable, humidity Proof Hard Coated Filters + 2 free positions
Black BOX-Optics. Sealed Optic Systems-no Filter Wheel
Monochromatic/Bichromatic Reading Spectral Range (340-670 nm) . Photometric Rang (0.0 to 3.5A) for all . Wave lengths
Sipping volume from 100 . μL- 5000 μL
Temp System from 25º – 40ºC (1° C increment) controlled by Peltier Sample . Tubes includes common cuvettes (macro, semi-micro & micro) and round bottom Ergonomic designed accessible Pulse for . sample loading
Prog Memory Up to 150 . Techniques Backlit Graphic Display 320 x 240 pixels . with contrast settings
Tactile Membrane Keyboard
USB and serial RS-232 for external Computer Use
Thermal Printer (easy loading)
Patient Result up to 2000 with blank and . calibration values can be stored
Levy-Jennings QC chart based on . (Westgard’s rule)
Calibration by Factor . , single calibrator or calibration curve
Semi-Automatic AnalyzerLED Technology
Kinetics by Linear Regression .
PC Communication Software .
W. eight 4 kgs
Flow Cuvette 18 . μL

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