About Zenrox

Zenrox Healthcare is a accredited supplier of all range of medical equipment in Nigeria such as laboratory equipment, radiology equipment, ICU & Theatre and hospital furniture.


Our vision is to increase access to quality medical care by making medical equipment accessible and affordable by every medical facility in Africa.

The Zenrox Way

This simplicity, together with our streamlined processes allow us to reduce red tape. So, in a matter of days, we can deliver projects that normally take months.

One Stop Shop

We provide expert advice and products that meet your required specifications. We are your one-stop shop for Surgical, Radiology, Critical care, Endoscopy & MIS, Dental, Cardiovascular, Oncology, Assisted Reproductive Technology, Infection control & CSSD, Hospital IT, PPEs etc

Medical Surgical

Zenrox is a premier supplier of surgical equipment for the modern operating room. Surgical facilities of any size or specialty can rely on zenrox to help them find the perfect combination of new products for their unique needs.

Hospital Equipment & Consumables

As a partner to hospitals and medical facilities in Nigeria, zenrox hospital equipment is focused on delivering extraordinary reliability, improved productivity, simplified procedures and greater economy to patient care providers so they can provide the same to their patients.

Diagnostic Imaging

Zenrox Diagnostic Imaging is a leading provider of high-quality new cath/angio, CT and MRI equipment. Our equipment is supported by a wide range of technical support from experienced engineers.

Laboratory Equipment

Zenrox Laboratory equipment is a leading provider of high-quality medical laboratory equipment from world class manufacturers with wide range of support from local engineers